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Walls And Gates
A Devotional Study of the Book of Nehemiah
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We are products of what we allow into our lives, for good or bad. We are flooded by images and sounds and their associated emotional reactions. We are influenced by our relationships and environment. As believers we need effective walls to keep us from being overwhelmed by our culture and the trials and tribulations of life.  We need strong, guarded gates to control what we let in.


The book Walls and Gates describes Nehemiah’s actions to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem which had been destroyed 142 years earlier by Nebuchadnezzar in 586 BC. The book follows Nehemiah’s response to hearing about the conditions in Jerusalem, his organizing and supervision of the restoration, and his response to internal and external opposition. Under his motivated leadership, the walls were restored in 53 days. The completed walls and gates were a physical sign of strength and protection. In the end the opposition was demoralized and gave God the credit. In addition, Nehemiah took decisive action to restore the moral fiber of the nation of Israel.


Walls and Gates is divided into seven chapters containing 77 devotional thoughts. Each devotional thought contains a description of Nehemiah’s actions and their relevance to our lives today. At the conclusion of each thought is a related New Testament scripture and thought-provoking questions that allow readers to evaluate the effectiveness of their own spiritual walls and gates.  Walls and Gates challenges disciples to maintain effective barriers against Satan’s attacks and filter out distractions and interference that undermine our faith and effectiveness in advancing Christ’s kingdom

Westbow Press, 2020

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